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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Will your Horse Catch You?

Last weekend I had the opportunity to visit my horses who are "on vacation" at Kris Hughes' Springvalley Farm, East of Pueblo. To find out more about Kris' track system and her farm, visit her blog by clicking on this link.

My horses were on the other end of the 160 acres farm, so I grabbed my halters and headed out for a walk. Of course, I had an agenda. After all, I was late and maybe had another couple hours or so to check on them, to do their feet and groom them. I did a brisk walk in a straight line towards them. Both turned towards me and watched, but then decided to head the other direction. Hmmmm...

I realized that being a human my straight line thinking (catch them, get them back to the barn, trim feet before it gets dark) had gotten the better of me. So I moseyed parallel to them and eventually passed them without looking and sat down. Both stopped. JB seemed to say:" What the heck is she doing?", Cash answered: " I don't care", left JB behind and passed me. Now, way back when JB would have followed Cash, but now he came over, sniffed me while pulling on my scarf and nibbling on my jacket. I noticed this and thought that he really is getting less respectful of my space. Nevertheless, I was excited that he came over, so I didn't make a big deal of it. I gently asked him to not nibble on me and he decided it was fine with him to just stand there, hanging his head over me.

Of course, Cash had watched intently, pretending that the tumbleweeds were WAY more important. I was thinking, How could I peek her interest? I pretended looking for something (that really didn't exist), moving the dirt around with a stick. JB was delighted, "Ohhhhh, can I have the stick, pleeeease????" Cash kept her butt towards me, but gave me the corner of her eye. She casually walked a few steps further and was now about 30 to 35 feet away.

What else could I do? I finally picked up a piece of a tumbleweed and started chewing on it... Oh, my, you should have seen her face! "What do you have there! I want it, too!!!!!" Her eyes lit up, she turned around and came right over and caught me...

I sat there, in the dirt, with both of my horses right next to me and laughing and enjoying a precious moment.

May you find delight and joy in the little things!

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